Research interests

Sasa Babic received her undergraduate degree in Russian language and literature as well as Slovenian language and literature from the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts in 2005. After graduation, she spent  one year teaching in an elementary school. In 2006, she started working as a research assistant at the SRC SASA Institute of Slovenian Ethnology. She defended her PhD dissertation titled Aesthetic structure of Slovenian folklore short forms: the intersection of time in literary folklore studies under the supervision of prof. ddr. Marija Stanonik in 2012. Her research interests include literary folklore, especially short folklore forms, including greetings, curses, proverbs, riddles, charms, and prayers.

Selected projects

Slovenski pregovori kot kulturna dediščina: klasifikacija in redakcija korpusa (fundamental research project • 1. May 201030. April 2013)

Tradicija in njeni po-ustvarjalci (fundamental research project • 1. February 200831. January 2011)

ZBORZBIRK Kulturna dediščina v zbirkah med Alpami in Krasom (international project • 1. October 201231. March 2015)

ETNOFOLK Ohranjanje in pospeševanje etnološke kulturne dediščine v Srednji Evropi (international project • 1. May 201130. April 2014)