Research interests

Saša Babič is a folklorist, researching short folklore forms, ie. greetings, swearing, proverbs, riddles, incantations, praying etc., their text usage and cultural meanings as well as their integration in folklore events and communication. She does archival research, in order to gain materials needed for diachronic comparisons, as well as fieldwork research, in order to collect materials and explore the integration of short folklore forms in society. Her special interest is given to contemporary usages, changes and adaptations of short folklore forms.

Between 2017 and 2019 Saša Babič has researched the usage and dynamics of contemporary short folklore forms in language and culture as part of her postdoctoral project »Tradition and Innovation: Short forms of folklore and contemporary cultural dialogues« which was held in Estonian Literary Museum (Tartu, Estonia).

Since 2019 Saša Babič is teaching a course "Folkloric Shapes in Culture in Cooperative" to the doctoral students of Slovene studies at Post gradual school ZRC SAZU (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Saša Babič is field editor at scientific journal Studiy Mythologica Slavica and a member of the International Society for Folk Research, International Society for Ethnology and Folklore in the International Association of Paremiology (AIP-IAP).

Selected projects

ZBORZBIRK Kulturna dediščina v zbirkah med Alpami in Krasom (international project • 1. October 201231. March 2015)

ETNOFOLK Ohranjanje in pospeševanje etnološke kulturne dediščine v Srednji Evropi (international project • 1. May 201130. April 2014)

Slovenski pregovori kot kulturna dediščina: klasifikacija in redakcija korpusa (fundamental research project • 1. May 201030. April 2013)

Tradicija in njeni po-ustvarjalci (fundamental research project • 1. February 200831. January 2011)