Audiovisual Laboratory

The Audiovisual Laboratory (AVL) was established in 1983, initially as an independent department of the ZRC SAZU, and since 1999 as a part of the Institute of Slovenian Ethnology. Its two main activities are producing visual records of culture and research in the field of visual ethnography.

The AVL Archive has over 1300 video units in various video formats. Some of them are made for broadcast or a wider audience, others were made solely for research purposes (so-called research films). Their topics are predominantly regional ethnology.

AVL has organized several conferences in the field of visual ethnography and visual anthropology. It is a co-organizer of the festival the Days of Ethnographic Film, a member of the international initiative CAFFE. AVL each year organizes a Summer School of Visual Ethnography with local and foreign lecturers. Program of school is dedicated to researchers, teachers and students of the humanities, to broaden their knowledge and experience in the field of visual research methodology and practice. For the Založba ZRC (publishing unit of ZRC) AVL produces a series of films called Images of Science.