Saša Poljak Istenič, PhD

Research Associate, Assistant Professor



Saša Poljak Istenič graduated from ethnology and cultural anthropology in 2002 with the thesis Mass Media of the Carinthian Slovenes, for which she received the Faculty of Arts’ Prešeren Award (2002) and the Award of the Office for Slovenes Abroad (2003). After a year working as a curator in the Regional Museum Kočevje she became a researcher at the Institute of Slovenian Ethnology ZRC SAZU. She earned her PhD in ethnology in 2012 with a dissertation on agricultural rituals and their role in identity formation and tourism; and continued her career at the institute studying creativity; traditions, festivals and gastronomy; heritage and tourism; and protected areas. She has also participated in several European projects on cultural heritage and national minorities.

Her current research, outlined in a postdoctoral project Surviving, living, thriving: Creativity as a way of life (Slovenian Research Agency, 2014–2016), focuses on the economic, social and cultural potential of creativity as an interactive social practice reaching beyond the boundaries of the cultural and creative industries. She regularly attends international conferences, gives occasional lectures to students and teachers, and prepares workshops on creativity and heritage for children. She cooperates with cultural and creative sectors in Ljubljana (creative centres, cultural and welfare associations, museums, cultural and social initiatives) as well as with municipalities and associations for rural and urban development.   

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Surviving, living, thriving. Creativity as a way of life ( podoktorski_raziskovalni • 01. october 2014 - 30. september 2016)
Urban Futures: Imagining and Activating Possibilities in Unsettled Times ( bilateralni • 01. november 2020 - 31. october 2023)