Research interests

Born on March 2, 1948 in Ljubljana. In 1972 she completed her studies in ethnology and art history at the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts. After graduation she worked as freelance at the Institute for Industrial Design (at FAGG) as a documentalist in the field of ethnological and architectural research with Niko Kralj. In 1973 she was employed as a librarian in the ISE. At the beginning of 1979 she became a Humanities Fellow and in 1987 she was elected Senior Humanities Fellow.
She has completed several subject, name, and place indexes for various publications. She has edited the bibliography of the ISE members (Biographies and Bibliographies of the SRC SASA Researchers), compiled two bibliographies for thirty volumes of the journal Traditiones, and written several articles, published in academic and popular journals. She has set up several solo and group professional exhibitions (for the field of ethnology and that of library scinece). She has coauthored screenplaqys for two ethnological films produced by RTV Ljubljana. In 1987 and 1988 she was sevretary of the Traditiones editorial board. She was secretary of the Slovene Ethnological Society (1975–1979).

Selected publications

1979 Izdelovanje rumenih sveč v Solčavi [Die Erzeugung gelber Kerzen in Solčava]. Traditiones 5–6.
1985 Lan kot oljna rastlina [Der Flachs als Ölpflanze]. Traditiones 14.
1993 Bibliografija Traditiones 1–20 (1972–1991). Traditiones 22.
2001 Bibliografija Traditiones 21–30 (1992–2000). Traditiones 30 (2).