Dan Podjed, PhD

Senior Research Associate, Associate Professor

+386 1 4706283

+386 31 820 198


Dan Podjed, PhD, is an anthropologist dedicated to the development of humane and environmentally friendly services, products and solutions. He is a Research Fellow at the Research Centre of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts. He has led several applied, interdisciplinary and industry-oriented projects, and participated in the development of various ethnographically based solutions in EU projects. Dan Podjed acted as the convenor of EASA Applied Anthropology Network from its inception in 2010 to 2018 and continues his commitment as one of the network's Executive Advisors. In 2013, he was the founder and from 2013 to 2018 organiser of the international symposium Why the World Needs Anthropologists.

In 2019, he published the highly acclaimed book Seen, in which he explained why we are increasingly observed and exposed with the help of smartphones and other devices. In 2020, his book Indoor Anthropology was published. In the book he presented to the general public how he got to know society and himself during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research areas

applied anthropology, digital anthropology, business and organisational anthropology, human-technology interactions, sustainable lifestyle, altruism, volunteering

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human-technology interactions • sustainable lifestyle • volunteering • quantitative methods in anthropology