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Research interests

Dan Podjed (b. 1975) is a Research Fellow at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2012. He was elected to the title of Assistant Professor for Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, where he researched and taught since 2005. He is a Principal Investigator of an interdisciplinary applied research project “DriveGreen: Development of an ecodriving application for a transition to a low-carbon society” (2014-2017). He has been a coordinator of the Applied Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) since 2012. He is also the initiator of the international symposium “Why the world needs anthropologists”, devoted to raising awareness in the public about how useful and meaningful anthropology can be.

He was recognized by the Slovenian Research Agency for his research work and exceptional scientific achievements in anthropology and ethnology in 2011 and received an award for exceptional achievements from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana in 2008.

Research interests

business and organizational anthropology, human-technology interaction, online celebrities, sustainable mobility, nature conservation, altruism and volunteering

Selected publications

BELL S., MARZANO M., PODJED D. 2010. 'Inside Monitoring: A Comparison of Bird Monitoring Groups in Slovenia and the United Kingdom.' In: LAWRENCE, Anna (ed.) Taking Stock of Nature: Participatory Biodiversity Assessment for Policy, Planning and Practice. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 232-250.

2011. Opazovanje opazovalcev: Antropološki pogled na ornitološko organizacijo. [Observing the Observers: Anthropological View on the Ornithological Organisation.] Ljubljana: Publishing House of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts.

2012 ‘Slovenske instant zvezde: Ustvarjanje in ohranjanje slave po svetovnem spletu.' ['Slovenian Bubble Celebrities: Creation and Maintenance of Fame on the World Wide Web.'] Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva 52(1/2): 72-81.

2013. 'Konec zgodovine Vélikih Mož? Samopromocijske strategije instant zvezde Urške Hočevar Čepin in njihov odsev v politiki.' ['The End of Big Men History: Self-promotion Strategies of a Bubble Celebrity Urška Hočevar Čepin and Their Reflections in Politics.]
In: JEZERNIK B. (ed.) Heroji in slavne osebnosti na Slovenskem. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, pp. 151-172.

2014. 'Skupnizacija kot seštevek skupnosti in organizacije: Primer ornitološkega in naravovarstvenega društva.' ['Orgunity as the sum of organisation and community: A case of ornithological and nature conservation association.] Ars & Humanitas 8(1): 99-117.

BABIČ S. 2015. ‘Crossroads of Anger: Tensions and Conflicts in Traffic.’ Ethnologia Europaea 45(2): 17-33.

GORUP M., BEZJAK MLAKAR A. 2016. ‘Applied Anthropology in Europe: Historical Obstacles, Current Situation, Future Challenges.’ Anthropology in Action 23(2): 53-63.
BABIČ S., PODJED D. 2016. ‘Vozila in stereotipi: Primerjava Ljubljane in Beograda.’ [Vehicles and Stereotypes: A Comparison between Ljubljana and Belgrade.] Glasnik SED 56(1/2): 74-84.

Selected projects

Create to Connect > Create to Impact (international project • 1 September 201831 August 2022)

The Invisible Life of Waste: Development of an Ethnography-based Solution for Waste Management in Households (applied project • 1 November 201831 October 2021)

SCHOLA: Mentoring for Educators to Evaluate Volunteering (international project • 11 September 201631 August 2018)

DriveGreen: Development of an Ecodriving Application for a Transition to a Low-carbon Society (interdisciplinary project • 1 July 201430 June 2017)


human-technology interaction • driving habits • on-line social networks • nature conservation