Praznična večglasja. Prazniki in oblikovanje skupnosti na Slovenskem
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Zupaničeva knjižnica 39

The aim of the book ('Festive multivocality. Festivals and community forming in Slovenia') is not to expose a new and complete festive calendar. Holidays being greatly diverse and having even more numerous types of celebrations, they inherently evade any festive typology, which the authors are therefore not interested in devising. Furthermore, no importance is ascribed to the issue of rooted traditions or authenticity or validation of assumed harmonisation of a national community by means of its typical culture. Festive meanings, forms and venues keep changing, and so do the groups held in their grip. Not only do celebratory motifs and practices fix identities, be it permanently or temporary, they also shift them. The power of festive rituals lies not only in constraining the conformity to the old and rooted, but also in enabling change. They are therefore liberating rather than coercing. Their “openness” i.e. transformative power creates a contemporary festive landscape as a bricolage of the traditional and the innovative, of memories of the past and thoughts for the future, of the collective and individual, of global flows and the local. The topic demands critical explorations contributing their voice to the multivocality of interpreting holidays and festivity.

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