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Library of the Institute of Slovenian Ethnology

Library of the Institute of Slovenian Ethnology of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (RC SASA) is a special library that operates under the SASA. Although it has been primarily intended for researchers of RC and SASA, it is also open to the public and has been visited regularly because of the book fond not available in other general and special libraries. Book stock comprises of more than 27,600 units of ethnographic, ethnological, folkloristic, anthropological, sociological and historical literature. It also keeps the manuscript and book fond of dr. Boris Orel. The publications are divided into periodicals and book series, arranged alphabetically, and monographs, arranged by signature numbers. In addition, library also stores separates, handy literature, audiovisual material and gray literature. Publications received after 1991 are included in a shared database COBIB in a system COBISS, and information on older literature is available through the alphabetical card catalogue at the Institute and in the Library of SASA (Novi trg 5, 1st floor).
A collection of audiovisual material encompasses more than 650 units. A list of titles is available on the website of the Institute, under the section Audiovisual laboratory, Collection of visual documentation (for more information: Miha Peče, tel. +396 1 470 63 44).
Library of Research Station SRC SASA in Nova Gorica holds more than 5.000 units, covering literature, history, ethnology and Slavic studies, linked to Gorizia, wider Littoral area and to the neighboring countries. The library of Nova Gorica also keeps the manuscript and book fond of Henry Tuma (for more information: Petra Kolenc, tel. +386 5 335 73 24).
Advice for borrowing: if you find a desired publication in the database COBIB and it is listed under the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Holdings in libraries), Inšt. za slov. narodop. N (Loan statuses), it means that the publication is held in our library. Write the author, book title, signature number, and phone or e-mail that information to the librarian to check whether the publication is available. A reference literature cannot be taken out of the library.
To borrow from, write an e-mail to You can borrow publications for three weeks with the possibility of the extension.

Headquarters of the Library: Novi trg 5, 2nd Floor
Librarian: Vanja Huzjan
Phone: +386 1 470 62 80