Za skrbi je še jutri cajt. Folklorne pripovedi z začetka zasavskega hribovja od Besnice do Velike Štange

Author: Bojan Jerlah
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2015

The book “En danes je vreden za dva jutri” showcases 241 stories of local folklore. It takes us to the hamlets and villages of the not-so-distant past at the easternmost part of the present-day municipality of Ljubljana. The stories that tell of village misfits, beggars, poachers, drunkards, and of “normal people” illustrate the world as it was after the First World War, the world that does not exist anymore. Despite all their hardships the people of those times knew how to live with dignity and enjoy life. The stories offer glimpses of their wisdom and their simple roguishness and are as such an extraordinary new source for ethnology and folkloristics, as well as dialectology and cultural history, showing mental culture of those times in their own, special, straightforward way.

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folk tales
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