The field of visual anthropology and ethnography has long since passed its formation phase, and many protagonists, who co-created its history, are today reflecting on their own work, evaluating and systematizing it, but also searching for new research questions and topics that would complement and conclude their contributions. This monograph of 16 papers from Slovene and international visual anthropologists and ethnologists firmly places itself in a self-reflective perspective. Some of the researchers are attempting to find a distant, broader view of their work; others are discussing more narrow topics and research questions in which they were more deeply engaged, e.g. educational models and approaches, fieldwork experiences and methods, definitions of ethnographic film and use of the visual in museology, in research and in the representation of cultural tradition. This book is also a tribute to Naško Križnar, the spiritus movens of Slovene visual ethnography, who has been working and creating in this field for several decades, taking responsibility for its development and affirmation at home and abroad. Several papers discuss different aspects of his work; he first is positioned in the broader context of visual anthropology in Slovenia, and then attention is drawn to some distinct examples of his activities, such as his employment at the Goriško Museum, his fieldwork in Carinthia/Koroška (Austria), and to his cooperation with professional colleagues from the region. These papers are supplemented by the bibliography, selected filmography and interview, in which Naško Križnar articulates his thoughts and observations about his past experiences and his work – about his highways and byways as an ethnologist with a camera.

Table of content

Nadja Valentinčič Furlan, Knjigi na pot / Preface
Miha Peče, Predgovor / Foreword

Jay Ruby, The Teaching of Visual Anthropology at Temple University (1967–2004) (Poučevanje vizualne antropologije na Univerzi Temple v Filadelfiji med letoma 1967 in 2004)
Beate Engelbrecht, Growing Old Together: Visualizing and Reflecting Change (Skupaj se staramo. Vizualizacija in refleksija sprememb)
Paolo Chiozzi, Beyond the Ethnographic Film?: Visual Anthropology and the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue (Onstran etnografskega filma? Vizualna antropologija in promocija medkulturnega dialoga)
Evgeny V. Aleksandrov, Visual Anthropology: Insight, Immersion, Mediation through Film (Vizualna antropologija. Pogled, poglobitev in mediacija s pomočjo filma)

Sarah Lunaček, Spekter vizualne antropologije v Sloveniji (The Spectrum of Visual Anthropology in Slovenia)
Vesna Mia Ipavec, Muzejska leta Naška Križnarja. Razvoj muzejske etnologije na Goriškem (Naško Križnar’s Museum Years: The Development of Museum Ethnology in Goriško)
Martina Piko-Rustia, Naško Križnar in njegove raziskovalne poti na Koroškem (Naško Križnar and his Research in Carinthia)
Allison Jablonko, A Celebration of the Summer School of the Visual (Praznovanje Poletne šole vizualnega)
Nadja Valentinčič Furlan, Visual Anthropology in Museums: The Case of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (Vizualna antropologija v muzejih. Primer Slovenskega etnografskega muzeja)
Nena Židov, Avdiovizualije v Kustodiatu za družbeno kulturo Slovenskega etnografskega muzeja. Osebna izkušnja (The Audiovisuals in the Department for Social Culture of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Personal Experience)
Marko Smole, Snemanje narečnih govorov v dolini Čabranke in zgornje Kolpe ter prikazovanje filmov (Filming Dialect Speeches in the Čabranka and Upper Kolpa Valley and Film Presentations)

Renato Morelli, The Pust and the Tank: Apropos a Film on the Upper Natisone Valley (Pust in tank. À propos filma o gornjih Nadiških dolinah)
Dragana Radojičić, Naško Križnar’s Contribution to the Development of Visual Anthropology in Serbia (Prispevek Naška Križnarja k razvoju vizualne antropologije v Srbiji)
Elizabeta Koneska, Naško Križnar – the Pilot Steering the Development of Ethnological Film in Macedonia (Naško Križnar – usmerjevalec razvoja etnološkega filma v Makedoniji)

Naško Križnar, Življenjepis / Curriculum Vitae
Miha Peče in Naško Križnar, Poti in stranpoti etnologa s kamero. Pogovor z Naškom Križnarjem (Highways and Byways of an Ethnologist with a Camera. A Conversation with Naško Križnar)
Nadja Valentinčič Furlan in Miha Peče, Fotografski spomini / Photographs and Memories
Vanja Huzjan, Bibliografija Naška Križnarja (Bibliography of Naško Križnar)
Miha Peče, Izbrana filmografija in videografija Naška Križnarja (Selected Filmography and Videography of Naško Križnar)


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