So z vilicami pisali. Folklorne pripovedi iz občine Grosuplje in okolice

Author: Marija Samec
Year: 2014

The book ('They used forks to write. Folklore stories in and around Grosuplje') is a collection of 555 ethnological and other stories from the municipality of Grosuplje or other places outside its borders, opening up a world of fairy tales, myths and legends. The stories follow man from birth to death, explain where babies come from, how they grow up, get educated, get married, get a job, and how they take their leave of this world. Anecdotes tell of the famous and less famous. Often, the stories contain humour, for occasionally people would laugh at sad things to ease the pain. All periods in history left traces in people’s memories, and the more distant they are, the more curious the stories. Entire villages used to gather in one house on winter nights. While carrying out various tasks such as spinning flax or making toothpicks, paper flowers, rake teeth, they would dance, sing and tell stories of what they saw, experienced, heard. A good storyteller was always welcome and would always get attention, even if for stories already heard; if humorous, stories would invariably be received with laughter.

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dialect literature
folk literature
literary folklore
Slovene language
Slovenian folk tales
Slovenian literature


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