Zgodovina slovanske mitologije v XX. stoletju.

Author: Nikolaj Mihajlov
Year: 2021

This book by the renowned Russian linguist and semiotician Nikolai Mikhailov [Николай Александрович Михайлов] (1967–2010) is now published posthumously, more than ten years after his death. Presented is analytic overview of numerous past studies on Slavic and Balto-Slavic mythology. Included are works written by scholars of Slavic mythology based on written sources as well as on findings from folklore, linguistics, and archaeology. The first analysed is the work of the Lusatian-Serbian author Michael Frenzl on Slavic idols, which was written as early as 1691 but not published until 1719. It is followed by treatises and monographs that span across three centuries. The so-called original sources (reports of chroniclers, archaeological sources) may be incomplete and obscure, yet they are in this book again critically analysed. The author reconstructed the mythology of various Slavic nations partly also through the remnants of paganism that have survived to this day in various and often highly modified forms.

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Prvotna zasnova knjige »Zgodovina slovanske mitologije«


Drugotni viri slovanske mitologije. »Kabinetna mitologija« v času od XVII. do XVIII. stoletja
     Abraham Frenzel, Michael Frenzel, Christian Knauthe, Karl Gottlob von Anton, Anton Tomaž Linhart

Proučevanje slovanske mitologije v XX. st.
     Nikolaj Mihajlovič Galkovski (1868–1933)
     Jevgenij Vasiljevič Aničkov (1866–1937)
     Louis Léger (1843–1923)
     Viljo Johannes Mansikka (1884–1947)
     Aleksander Brückner (1856–1939)
     Lubor Niederle (1865–1944)
     Thede Carl Theodor Palm (1907–1995)
     Erwin Eugen Helmut Wienecke (1904–1952)
     Leonhard Franz (1895–1974)
     Veselin Čajkanović (1881–1946)
     Josip Mal (1884–1978)
     Boris Ottokar Unbegaun (1898–1973)
     Vittore Pisani (1899–1990)
     Evel Gasparini (1900–1982)
     Frans Vyncke (1920–2013)
     Roman Osipovič Jakobson (1896–1982)
     Vladimir Nikolajevič Toporov (1928–2005)
     Vjačeslav Vsevolodovič Ivanov (1929–2017) in Vladimir Nikolajevič Toporov
     France Bezlaj (1910–1993)
     Karl Heinrich Meyer (1890–1945)
     Leszek Józef Moszyński (1928–2006)
     Henryk Łowmiański (1898–1984)
     Aleksander Gieysztor (1916–1999)
     Myroslava Tomorug Znayenko (1933)
     Zdenek Váňa (1924–1994)
     Radoslav Katičić (1930–2019)
     Enciklopedični slovar »Slovanska mitologija«
     Slovenska mitologija


The History of Slavic Mythology in 20th Century

     Bibliografija Nikolaja A. Mihajlova

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