Charms and Charming. Studies on Magic in Everyday Life

Edited by: Éva Pócs
Year: 2019

In the book are presented studies of 18 renowned researchers focussing on the verbal aspects of everyday magic, placing in the centre the richest and most poetic manifestation of verbal magic – the charm or incantatio. Incantations are in Europe well spread folklore genre, which contain very old magical elemrnts. The book covers wide spectrum of regions, from United Kingdom to Russia and Iran, and includes also Slovenia. The researchers have devoted their attention to phenomenological and theoretical studies of incantatio, and have discussed various topics, from the origin of charms and ancient European magical practices, to the receptions and diffusions of different types of charms.

Table of content

Éva Pócs: Preface

Verbal Charms in Everyday Life

Svetlana Adonyeva: A Letter to the “King of the Forest”. Contemporary Magic Practice in Russia

Olga Khristoforova: “You Will Remember Me”: Witchcraft and Power in a Russia’s Local Society

Evelina Rudan – Josipa Tomašić: How to Die More Easily: Charms Devices on a Person’s Deathbed

Valer Simion Cosma: Curses, Incantations and the Undoing of Spells: The Romanian Priest as Enchanter (Transylvania, 19th Century)

Deniver Vukelić: Micro-Analysis of Uroci (Evil Charms and Spells) in Croatian Tradition

Davor Nikolić: Rational Argumentation in Irrational Discourse: Argumentative Techniques of Verbal Charms and Folk Prayers

Toms Ķencis: Fighting Fire with Fire: Latvian Witchcraft Against Witches

Zsuzsa Závoti: “…And Swore that He May Never Harm the Sick or Anyone that can Sing this Charm”: Response to Mental Disorder in Anglo-Saxon England in the Context of Medical Charms

Louise S. Milne: One, Two, Many: Dream-Culture, Charms and Nightmares

Solovyeva, Alevtina: The Mythological World of Mongolian Charms

Magic Texts, Magic Objects

Henni Ilomäki: Oral Charms, Literal Notes

Eszter Spät: Gift from the Sky: Yezidi Sacred Objects as Symbols of Power, Tools of Healing and Seals of Divine Favour

Éva Pócs: Hungarian Incantations Between Eastern and Western Christianity

Maria Eliferova: Charms within Non-Charm Texts: Shifts in Pragmatics

Saša Babić: Charms and Localities: Location Descriptions in Charms

Inna Veselova: Transforming Reality: Personal Names in Ritual Speech. The Vinogradie or “Song of Praise” from the Russian North

Liudmila Fadeyeva: The Church of Saint Clement of Rome: The Sources and the Symbolism of the Image in Russian Charms

Vilmos Voigt: Russian Metal Icons Gazing into Your Eyes


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