Journals Traditiones (with Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, from 1999 with Institute of Ethnomusicology) since 1972 (ZRC since 1996)
  Studia mythologica Slavica since 1998
Serials Opera ethnologica Slovenica since 2003
  Glasovi since 1988 (ZRC since 2014)
  Podobe znanosti since 1996
  Studia mythologica Slavica – Supplementa (with Institute of Archeology) since 2004
  Slovenski pravljičarji since 2010
  Ethnologica – Dissertationes since 2011
European Integration as Cultural Practice
The First Generation of Slovene Eurocrats
Opera ethnologica Slovenica

Author: Tatiana Bajuk Senčar
Year: 2014
Traditiones 43/1
Leaders and Heroes of the Nation
Vodje in junaki naroda

Edited by: Jurij Fikfak
Year: 2014
Traditiones 43/3

Edited by: Dan Podjed, Jurij Fikfak
Year: 2014
Traditiones 43/2

Year: 2014
Studia mythologica Slavica 17
Studia mythologica Slavica

Year: 2014
Ambivalence terena
Opera ethnologica Slovenica

Author: Jurij Fikfak
Year: 2014
Triglavski narodni park
Akterji, dediščine

Edited by: Jurij Fikfak, Tatiana Bajuk Senčar, Dan Podjed
Year: 2014
Praznična večglasja
Prazniki in oblikovanje skupnosti na Slovenskem
Zupaničeva knjižnica 39

Edited by: Ingrid Slavec Gradišnik
Year: 2014

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